Adam C. Harrington

Voice Actor

Performance Samples:

Each of the three tracks is available here in three different formats: Wave Sound (.wav), Windows Media Audio (.wma), and MP3.  If the first one you try doesn't work with your system, try the others.  "Wave Sound" is most likely to work on all systems, but the file sizes are so large that only the smallest (Track 3) is provided in that format.

Click the track number to be taken to the track:

MP3 Format:

Track 1 (about 2 meg)

Track 2 (about 2 meg)

Track 3 (about 1 meg)

Windows Media Audio Format:

Track 1 (about 3 meg)

Track 2 (about 2.5 meg)

Track 3 (about 1 meg)

Wave Sound Format:

Track 3 (about 8 meg)

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